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About shippment
2014-11-18 11:12:52

Hello everyone!
Firstly,we are so happy to announce there is the Christimas Event of DC.Hope you like it.
About the Christimas Event doll(Beatrice & Nehemie),we are going to do like this:we will ship you the Christimas Event doll before
Christimas day,but Beatrice and Nehemie total in 100.It means that if you are the customer who gets the gift in number 100,you will
get the Event doll before Christimas.Others we will ship in January.
At the same time,we are so sorry for the shippment delayed in 2014.
Now we tell all of you about the plan in the three months:
1) all orders before Sep (including Sep) will be sent out in December.
2) we will start to ship Oct and Nov orders from Jan-2015.
3) we will send out 100 Christmas Event dolls before 25th-Dec-2014.

P.S. Order date was arranged by dealers placed to DC

Doll-Chateau Team