Order confirmation
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It is possible to order through email (sales@doll-chateau.com) or from our website (www.dollchateau.com).
The delivery schedule of  nude doll is 3~5 months, and full set will be taked more time.
If the doll is in stock, it is possible to ship in 1~2 weeks.
Please write below article when you send email for ordering.


1. Contents (dolls name-heads or bodys,  skincolor, option)

2. Your name

3. Shipping address (receiver, address, country, phone number)

4. Payment method (Paypal or Bank Transfer)

5. Lump sum or Layaway

6. other requirements(about delivery schedule, explain about makeup)


After your order, we will answer the total payments (contents price, shipping cost) and payment account.

Payment method: Paypal or Bank Transfer
Paypal address: aike2010@hotmail.com
It is possible to pay by 2~6 months layaway option. And you have to pay 30% for first payment.
Also It is possible to pay 30% for first payment, and You can pay the rest payment when we are ready to ship.
When we are ready to ship, we will send email to you.